About Us

Welcome to the C Micro website.

C-Micro offers proven environmental solutions including engine exhaust cleanup, air and water purification, contaminant removal and contaminant destruction. These patented and patent pending systems use advanced microwave technology to regenerate media, enhance chemical reactions and destroy contaminants. These advanced systems are ideal for small and medium size operations and stand alone applications.

Our DeNOx technology removes NOx, SO2 and other contaminants from stationary engine exhaust. NOx and SO2 is removed from the cooled exhaust and a microwave system destroys the contaminants onsite. There are no chemicals stored or added and no residual chemical waste. This is an ideal system for engine generators with heat recovery. We are currently demonstrating this emission system in the most adverse regulatory region and conditions possible, a farm engine generator in central California using dairy biogas. Contact us for details and results.

Our air purification systems use carbon and other media to remove contaminants and odors from ventilation systems, paint booths and fume hoods. The microwave system destroys these contaminants with no incineration or residual toxic waste.

Our biogas cleaning system remove hydrocarbon contaminants including siloxanes from biogas and destroys these contaminants onsite without the need for an energy consuming flare. Cleaned biogas from landfills and digesters can be safely used to make renewable green power.

Our microwave water purification systems can remove organic and inorganic contaminants as well as destroy pathogens without the addition of chlorine or other chemicals.

Are you currently using activated carbon filters in your gas or liquid process? Call us about onsite regeneration of used media including lease of our portable, trailer mounted, microwave system.

Do you have a particularly difficult situation or process? Our microwave systems are used to clean up rocket fuel waste, rocket oxidizer, explosives, dry cleaning waste, soil contamination and other toxic materials. Many of these systems were designed for clients that had to replace inadequate and costly conventional technologies.

These proven systems are backed by over 20 years of research and development in microwave and chemical process technology by, our sister company, the CHA Corporation.

Contact us now to learn how C Micro can move your business forward.