Current Flare Situation

  • Regeneration backflush is required to eradicate contaminants associated with Siloxane Cleanup of LFM
  • A %age of Landfill gas produced is consumed in meeting Toxic Emissions Flaring requirements
  • Elevated Flare temperatures can contribute to thermally produced Dioxins and Furans
  • There are also sometimes permitting issues with Flares
Flare Alternative

Flare Alternative Solution

  • Address Most Hydrocarbons including Siloxanes
  • Separate Hydrocarbon Liquid from Condensate
  • Recycle Cooled Gas through Heater for Continuous Regeneration
  • Send Excess Gas to Microwave GAC Reactor to Convert Siloxanes to Silica and Lighter Hydrocarbons and H2S to Hydrogen and Sulfur
  • Use Particulate Filter to Remove Sulfur and Silica
  • Send Treated Excess Gas Back to Inlet of Biogas Treatment System to Recover BTU Content


Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins (PCDDs), or simply dioxins, are a group of organic polyhalogenated compounds that are significant because they act as environmental pollutants. Dioxins are produced when organic material is burned in the presence of chlorine. They can also form when hydrocarbons are mixed with chlorine in the temperature range of 200 deg C to 400 deg C. (source, wikipedia) The building blocks for dioxins are present in landfill biogas.

The microwave process replaces combustion of landfill gas contaminants in the flare. Organic molecules decompose into small hydrocarbons (methane) and hydrogen in the presence of microwave energy. In the microwave oxidation process, the organic molecules are decomposed to carbon dioxide and water. Any chlorine attached to chlorinated compounds is released as free chlorine gas which is subsequently captured before venting by reacting with sodium hydroxide to form sodium chloride (table salt).

The microwave process has been tested on contaminants from waste water treatment digester biogas and landfill biogas. The vent gasses have been tested for hydrocarbons by independent laboratories and no dioxin compounds have been reported.

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